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NEWS: CCleaner has Malware - 18 Sept. 2017

Hackers broke into the Piriform company and embedded malware into version 5.33.6162.  Piriform states that the hackers could steal information about your computer and send it to a server they control.  Piriform further states that the server has been taken down.  You should update your CCleaner to version 5.34 ASAP.

NEW NOTE:  Piriform is rolling out a version 5.35.  Get it if it is offered.

If you have version 5.33, say yes to the update pop-up.  It instantly downloads and updates in-place.  Easy and fast. 

If you are running an older version you are not in any danger.  Only if you are running version 5.33.   Click on the link below to download the CCleaner 5.34 install program.
ccsetup534.exe  After you have downloaded it, run it.  Watch for EXTRAS!  Uncheck any other programs it wants to install.

If you are concerned about this, drop in and see us and we will update your version of CCleaner for free.

Dean Hancy
PC Bits

Windows Updates due Thursday September 14th

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September 12h is Windows Update Tuesday!   Thursday the 14th is the day to install Windows updates. 

Microsoft has totally changed Windows Updates.  From now on all monthly updates will be "Rolled-Up" into one or two large updates.  We can no longer look at the list and uncheck ones we don't want.  Just install all Important updates.

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SpywareBlaster Update 1 Sep 2017

There is a new update for SpywareBlaster.  Good time to check it.  14-more.
The new total for your Protection Database is 17,735.


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