Windows 10 - DO NOT Install

This is an update on my views of Windows 10.  

I have been testing Windows 10, reading about Windows 10, repairing MANY Windows 10 computers, and consulting with my peers.

I cannot recommend Windows 10.  It is simply the biggest invasion of your privacy Microsoft has yet invented.  We read the contract that Microsoft makes you "Agree" to.  They will record everything you do and sell it to third parties.  You agreed to this!  They also have your permission to stream in advertising.  You also agreed to let them use your computer to send files/updates to other computers.  You also agreed that they can send you updates whenever they choose.  No more "Let me choose" when and what to update!

We have been repairing Windows 10 because of the many bad updates Microsoft repeatedly sends out.  After you fix it, they send the bad update again!

There are reports of Microsoft removing programs from Windows 10 computers.  Read the angry notice to Spybot customers on their web page.

Another irritant to us and our customers are the pop-ups on Windows 7 and 8 computers calling for you to install Windows 10.  Microsoft has been hiding this "nag" in several "updates".  They have announced that the Windows 10 install program is going to become an "Important" update.  They have been hiding it in the "optional" updates, but checking it!  Even though they said this was a mistake, they are still doing it!

We still have 4 more years to go on Windows 7.  Resist the advertising.  We can remove the nag for you if you stop by.


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