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JAVA Update Jan 18th.

There is a JAVA update out.  Version 8 Update 121.   You need to get it.

DO NOT let it install anything else!
They try to sneak in ASK Toolbar or McAfee Security Scan etc.
Uncheck these boxes!

You can do this manually from:  Control Panel > Java > Update Tab.
Click the Update Now button.

Don't Verify from the Webpage that opens and don't let the web page frighten you with talk about Chrome not supporting Java!


Adobe Google Chrome Extension

The recent Adobe Reader DC "Update" silently and without your permission installs an "Adobe" Extension in your Google Chrome!    Read the link:

Don't click on anything in the link's web-page.

You should "Remove" the extension if you see the warning box open in your Google Chrome.

Adobe is spying on you!


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