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CCleaner Update 5.52 January 18th

New CCleaner Update!

Another new version of CCleaner 5.52 has appeared.  

Download the new version by clicking the link here ccsetup552.exe

In Google Chrome you must Save the file.  Make sure you know where it is going before clicking Save!  

Run the downloaded file by clicking on it's name in the bottom left corner.  

As always, watch each screen closely as you click.  Don't let them install anything else!  Uncheck any Avast check-boxes.  

Delete the downloaded file after you are done.

Dean Hancy
PC Bits

KB4481480 Fails - Jan 15 2019

A new "role-up" Windows Update in the January Windows update is failing on Windows 7 computers.   KB4481480  is actually 5 different updates rolled up into one.  It is failing to run.

So far Microsoft has no"fix" for this.  I also have been unable to find any fix.

If it is failing on your PC, uncheck the box and then RIGHT mouse click on it and then left click on Hide.

Best we can do until I find a fix or Microsoft publishes one.


JAVA Update January 15th 2019

There is a JAVA update.

You need to get it.

DO NOT let it install anything else!
They try to sneak in ASK Toolbar or McAfee Security Scan etc.
Look for these additional items and uncheck these boxes  IF  you see them!

You install the update manually from:  Control Panel > Java (icon) > click the Update Tab.
Click the Update Now button.

Tell it to Update not uninstall.  


Windows Updates due Thursday January 10th

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January 8th is Windows Update Tuesday!   Thursday the 10th is the day to install Windows updates.

Windows 10 Users.  Microsoft is slowly rolling out the "fixed" Fall Update.  Another complete new version of Windows 10.  

These twice a year updates take hours on slow computers and take a LOT of hard drive space.  Microsoft makes a complete copy of your current Windows 10, then downloads a LARGE file (the new Windows 10), then installs the new 10 and moves in your "files".  Again this can take hours and a LOT of hard drive space!  Many old computers have performance problems during this update.  You must be aware that this is happening and leave the computer running until it is finished.  DO NOT interrupt this process.  Computers with very full or small hard drives will fail this update. 

Only install all Important updates.

No Optional.


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