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Windows Updates due Thursday January 10th

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February 12th is Windows Update Tuesday!   Thursday the 14th is the day to install Windows updates.

Note: Microsoft has been having massive problems with Windows 10 Updates.  A message stating that the Update Server is not available has been popping up for days. 

Windows 10 Users.  Microsoft is still slowly rolling out the "fixed" Fall Update.  Another complete new version of Windows 10.  

These twice a year updates take hours on slow computers and take a LOT of hard drive space.  Microsoft makes a complete copy of your current Windows 10, then downloads a LARGE file (the new Windows 10), then installs the new 10 and moves in your "files".  Again this can take hours and a LOT of hard drive space!  Many old computers have performance problems during this update.  You must be aware that this is happening and leave the computer running until it is finished.  DO NOT interrupt this process.  Computers with very full or small hard drives will fail this update. 

Only install all Important updates.

No Optional.


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