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Windows Updates due Thursday January 16th

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January 14th is Windows Update Tuesday!   Thursday the 16th is the day to install Windows updates.

Windows 7 users.  January of 2020 will be your last updates from Microsoft.  Contrary to the SCAM pop-ups and SCAM phone calls, your PC will NOT quit and you will NOT lose your files.

You will be getting pop-ups from Microsoft telling you about this, they include them in your updates!

We can do a Windows 10 upgrade here for you.  It costs $50.00 and includes a "tune-up".  You DO NOT need to buy Windows 10!  You will have to leave the PC with us.  

Windows 10 Users.  Microsoft is rolling out the 1909 update. If you see it labeled as optional, please install it!  It is a helpful easy update.

Everyone else. (Windows 7 & 8.1)  Only install all Important updates.

No Optional.


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