Windows 10 "2004"

Microsoft is starting to download/install its newest version of Windows 10 "2004".

Short for 2020 the 4th month.  They delayed its launch due to the Pandemic.

It will be a large download and will take a long time to install on slower computers.

Watch for it!  If you see it offered in Windows Update, be prepared for it to take far longer than other updates.  DO NOT turn off the computer during this update.

Several changes will be apparent,  The "start" pop-up screen will change.  The "live tiles" are being replaced with "icons".  We will have to see how this works.

If you don't already have it, you will get the new Windows Edge browser.  It will probably set itself as the default browser.  That means any "links" you have on the desktop will change the icon to the new Edge Icon.  If you open Google Chrome, you should see a button to "Set Google Chrome as the Default".  That should set them back to what you want.

It will open a Settings screen for the Default Apps.  Under the Web Browser click on the Edge icon and a menu will open.  Click on Chrome and it will change.  You can then close the screen

As this happens I will be updating this post as we learn new things.  Come back and read it again several times.


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