Windows Updates due Thursday June 11th

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June 9th is Windows Update Tuesday!   Thursday the 11th is the day to install Windows updates.

NOTE:  The new Windows 10 2020 is beginning to appear.  It is labeled 2004.  You should download and install it.  It will take a long time to install.  DO NOT turn it off because it is taking longer than you think it should!  

Windows 7 users.  January of 2020 was your last update from Microsoft.  Contrary to the SCAM pop-ups and SCAM phone calls, your PC will NOT quit and you will NOT lose your files.

You are getting big scary pop-ups from Microsoft telling you about this, they included them in your last updates!

We can do a Windows 10 upgrade here for you.  It costs $50.00 and includes a "tune-up".  You DO NOT need to buy Windows 10!  You will have to leave the PC with us.  

Only install all Important updates.

No Optional.


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