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CCleaner Update 5.78 March 25th, 2021

New CCleaner Update!  AGAIN.
Cleaner version 5.78 has appeared.  

New change in CCleaner updates!  You can now click on the pop-up that announces the new 5.78 version.  It will download and install the new version!

DECLINE any offers of AVAST or the CCleaner Browser!

It closes 5.77 then opens the new 5.78.  Very quick and easy.  

Dean Hancy
PC Bits

Windows Updates due Thursday April 15th

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April 13th is Windows Update Tuesday!   Thursday the 15th is the day to check Windows updates.

NOTE:  The Windows 10 21H1 may soon appear in your update screen.  You should download and install it.  

It may take a long time to install.  DO NOT turn it off because it is taking longer than you think it should!

The new Windows Edge may install without any warning!  You will get this.  Do not shut it off or uninstall it, it will just come back!   Do not let it set up a Microsoft Account.  It will make a new desktop and you will appear to lose your files.  They are not gone but it is frightening.

I tell it I want the focused look, then you must click the confirm button.  I do not let it "Sign-in".  Then close it down.  You will need to set Google Chrome back as your default Browser.  go to Settings > Apps > Default Apps then click on Edge and a list will pop-up.  Click on Google Chrome.  Now close all windows.


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