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Warning, Spybot is automatically updating to the new Spybot 2.9.  Then the Immunize doesn't work, it gives you an error message.

I have avoided updating Spybot to the new versions because of the TON of advertising that never seems to stop.  2.7 still worked fine and it didn't have all the advertising.

You will see Spybot downloading and installing SDUpgrade22.exe. After updating, close Spybot.  Then restart your PC.

Now when you open Spybot you will see that 2.9 is installed.  See all the ads!  Ignore them and run Spybot like you always have.  PS.  It will just start a Scan with out clicking a the 2nd "Start a Scan" button.


CCleaner Update 6.00 May 16th, 2022

New CCleaner Update!  AGAIN.
Cleaner version 6.00 has appeared. 

You can force this to happen by clicking on the "Check for Updates" link on the bottom right corner of the main CCleaner screen.

DECLINE,  Turn Down,  say NO, 
"No Thanks",  "
Maybe later"  to any offers of AVAST or the CCleaner Browser,  CCleaner Pro Edition,  AVG, Free VPN or anything else!

It closes 5.92, downloads, installs, then opens the new 6.00  Very quick and easy.  

Dean Hancy
PC Bits

Windows Updates due Thursday May 11th

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May 9th is Windows Update Tuesday!   Thursday the 11th is the day to check Windows updates.

NOTE:  Microsoft is "aggressively pushing" Windows 11.  First they want to check your computer for compatibility.  MOST computers will not be compatible!

DO NOT install Windows 11.  Every new version of Windows has had major problems for no less than two years!  Customers continue to come in with bad problems with Windows 11.  Microsoft "encrypts" the hard drive without your knowledge or permission.  You will need a "key" to read your files if Windows locks up, but you don't know what it is!

NOTE 2:  Microsoft has been offering the Feature Version 21H2 for Windows 10 since November. You should see it offered in the Windows Update screen if you don't already have it.  Click the Download and install link and install it.

It may take a long time to install.  DO NOT turn it off because it is taking longer than you think it should!

Note: Microsoft is planning on removing Internet Explorer (the oldest browser) soon.  It will happen automatically.  You should stop using it if you still do!


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