Warning, Spybot is automatically updating to the new Spybot 2.9.  Then the Immunize doesn't work, it gives you an error message.

I have avoided updating Spybot to the new versions because of the TON of advertising that never seems to stop.  2.7 still worked fine and it didn't have all the advertising.

You will see Spybot downloading and installing SDUpgrade22.exe. After updating, close Spybot.  Then restart your PC.

Now when you open Spybot you should see that 2.9 is installed.  See all the ads!  Ignore them and run Spybot like you always have.  PS.  It will just start a Scan with out clicking a the 2nd "Start a Scan" button.

IF, it doesn't install 2.9 (some don't),  you can stop by and I will install it for free.


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