Avira Icon Broken. 29 June 2022

People are reporting that the "Scan for Viruses" icon changes to a blank and they get an error message when they click on it.

Avira is rolling out a major update and it breaks my icon.

I cannot fix it.  Delete it if this has happened to you.

Open the Start Button.
In the Apps list:  Drop down the Avira Folder.
RIGHT Click on the Avira Red Umbrella Icon
Click on More   >
Click on 
Open file location

In the screen that opens:  Right Click on the Red Umbrella Avira Icon
In the Menu that opens:  click on Send to
In the 2nd menu that opens click on  Desktop (create shortcut)

Avira Inst. for Icon.jpg

Go back to the Desktop.
Drag the New Avira icon over to the empty spot where the old Icon was.

Download the new "Things you must do" document below and erase your old one.
The Avira instructions will tell you how to use the new Icon to run a Full Scan.

PC Bits Things you must do Windows June 2022.pdf

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