Making Minnesota

Hey folks! We just wanted to share with you something super awesome from the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS). They have a free activity book about the history of Minnesota and how awesome the state is now. It talks about the people who live here, the dinosaurs and megafauna that would have been in the area, the climates and natural resources, the lakes, the agriculture (including our amazing wild rice), and all the outdoor fun we have available to us as Minnesotans! This is meant for kids but I did order one for myself, despite being 27. This book is entirely free (including shipping for MN residents and anyone out of state can get one for just the price of shipping.

We aren't getting paid for any of this, we just want to share the MNHS and the beauty of Minnesota with everyone! Of course we wouldn't share something this awesome without giving you the link to get one for yourself. Order yours here.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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